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Risk Management

In an age where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with every generation, our whiteboard-animation based videos capture the imagination, pique interest, feed curiosity and take your employees on a journey through the core lessons they need to keep themselves, your organisation and their families safe.

Our end user education solution offers much more than just whiteboard animation videos. The solution comes with tools to test your current network infrastructure since your organization’s online threats may not just come from phishing. Measuring the online exposure gives your company a clear and comprehensive picture of the information available to potential hackers. We also provide the ability to test your employees so that they have an understanding of where they stand in terms of security practices. 

What harm could a real attacker do if your employee executes a malicious file? What are the file types that an attacker could deliver to your employees? These and other questions will be answered in the tests you conduct. 

And to piece all of these together, we provide a robust content library of over 200 modules that cover topics across your organisation. Some of these modules are role-based in nature and can be used to target specific functions within the business. Our platform gives your employees the knowledge they need to avoid falling victim to cyber criminals. You can teach them through managed simulated phishing campaigns, targeted workshops, and online training, each tailored to suit your organization and needs.

You are able to white-label these courses, customize them to fit your company branding and export these to use on your own Learning Management System. These features are what makes our solution unique in the market.

Key Features

Test Employees

Spear phishing simulations
SMS & portable media attacks
File attacks (PDF, Java, Macro, etc.)
Website cloner

Educate Employees

Interactive online & offline training content
Customizable e-learning movies
Role and Reputation-based training
Integrated LMS with SCORM export/import

Engage Employees

Mail Plugin (Outlook, Gmail, O365, etc.)
E-mail Incident Analysis
E-mail Threat Mitigation

Technical Tests

Exposure to malware attacks
Detection of browser vulnerabilities
Spoofing & Ransomware simulation
Mail and Web filter tests


The E-mail and Internet malware protection test gives you an insight into how your mail server and web proxy handle different variations of test files. This allows you to see whether potential malicious code, such as Java files, backdoors, scripts, embedded Office Objects, etc., is detected and blocked by the filter infrastructure. Based on these results, you can then carry out targeted phishing campaigns. This will be one of your most powerful defence tools on our platform.


With a variety of predefined, multilingual attack simulations (phishing, malware, smishing, USB attacks, etc.) you can test whether your employees are really familiar with the dangers of the Internet. Our solution provides a “safe learning environment” where employees can experience what real attacks would feel like and enables you to simulate the full threat landscape that goes beyond just simple phishing emails.


We offer more than 200 interactive, web-based Training Modules (videos, tests, quizzes, games, etc.) on various security topics that can be provided to employees based on the results of the attack simulations or independently of them. Employees can manage their own learning content in the LMS while your Administrator tracks their learning progress in real time. An integrated authoring tool allows you to quickly create new learning content customize existing content as well.


The Mail Plugin for Gmail, Outlook & Office365 actively integrates your employees into the detection of and fight against cyber attacks. Suspicious e-mails can be reported with just one click and removed from the Inbox. In the environment, the e-mails are then analyzed and evaluated. Automatic feedback gives the user the risk score. If the suspect e-mail is a real attack, it can be reported to the responsible provider with the Threat Mitigator.

We are your cyber security partner and we stay awake so you can sleep at night. We work with industry leaders to provide the security your business relies on.


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