Our Core Services

Core Services

Our core services include Indentity and Access Management solution provided through our partnership with OneLogin, a System Information & Event Management solution provided through our partnership with Cylance, a Wireless Intrusion Prevention System provided by Watchguard and Data Loss Prevention provided by Symantec.


Identity & Access Management

OneLogin Access extends the reach of the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform™ to applications hosted on-premises, at remote data centers, and in private clouds. We bring the benefits of the cloud to you: simplify administration, reduce IT costs, improve security, and optimize the user experience.

OneLogin Access eliminates aging Access Management tools that are complex, expensive, and disconnected from modern SaaS environments. Through the OneLogin portal, users enjoy a simple, consistent experience with single-click access to SaaS and on-premise applications from any device.

Access, unified. Any user. Any app. Any device. Any location.

Access for IT Practitioners

Eliminate complexity associated with legacy Web Access Management tools . Manage access for all your apps from a centralized platform with a single UI. Modernize Access Management for legacy apps with features including Federation, Single Sign-On, and SmartFactor Authentication.

Access for IT Executives

Migrate off of expensive and labor intensive legacy Web Access Management tools. Increase security with a single secure portal for employees, partners, and customers to access all your apps. Consolidate Access Management vendors and gain operational efficiency.

Access for Everyone

Access all apps through a single secure portal from anywhere on any device. Eliminate the need to recall dozens of passwords to individual apps. Balance usability and security with adaptive authentication for dynamic, risk-appropriated MFA.


System Information & Event Management

Powered by machine learning threat detection modules, CylanceOPTICS continuously analyzes changes occurring on each endpoint to uncover and prevent incidents that would evade standard static behavior rules. Interact with endpoints to retrieve advanced sets of forensic data, execute scripts, or applications to reduce investigation time of suspicious activities.

Prevent Successful Attacks

The best way to protect endpoints from attackers is to identify and stop the attack before it ever starts. Cylance uses field proven AI to inspect portable executable files attempting to run on an endpoint before it executes.

Investigate Attack and Alert Data

Stopping a threat from impacting endpoints is critical. When a threat is thwarted, critical data is captured so security staff can see how an attacker attempted to compromise the endpoint so steps can then be taken to close any gap in security controls.

Dynamic Threat Detection

Cylance includes a rule based engine deployed on every endpoint, called the Context Analysis Engine (CAE), to identify potential threats automatically as they occur on an endpoint in near real time to identify malicious or suspicious activities.

Perform Targeted Threat Hunting

Cylance provides immediate access to the
forensically-relevant data stored on any endpoint. Within moments of a suspicious activity being identified, searches can be targeted to the exact threat being investigated.


Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

WatchGuard’s patented WIPS is unlike any other competing Wi-Fi security solution on the market and ensures you have the real, accurate, and automated Wi-Fi protection that your business needs. WatchGuard’s WIPS defends your airspace 24/7 from unauthorized devices, man-in-the-middle (MitM) and denial-of-service attacks, rogue access points, and more – and with close to zero false positives.

Patented Wireless Security

Our patented Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) defends your airspace 24/7 from unauthorized devices, DoS attacks, rogue APs etc – and with close to zero false positives.

Cloud Management that Scales

Wi-Fi Cloud environments scale from one to an unlimited number of APs, with no controller infrastructure across locations, buildings, and floors, to maintain consistent policies.

Smart Devices and BYOD Policy Enforcement

A unique workflow automatically detects smartphones and tablets and automatically blocks their access to enterprise network unless approved by the network security manager.

No Need to Replace; Just Add WIPS

Dual-radio WatchGuard APs have the flexibility to operate as either an AP or as a dedicated WIPS security sensor scanning and protecting your business from wireless threats.


Data Loss Prevention

Symantec DLP can discover, monitor and protect sensitive data wherever it's used – in the office, on the road, or in the cloud. It gives you complete visibility and control across the broadest range of data loss channels: cloud apps, endpoints, data repositories, emails and web communications.

Protection Beyond DLP

Implement Data Classification and Encryption. Secure your Web Gateways and Proxies and deploy User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Seamless Management

Use a single web-based console, leverage robust workflow and remediation capabilities, Use more than 70 pre-built policy templates and get going quickly.

Highest Level of Protection

Broadest data protection for communication channels: cloud, email, web, endpoints, and storage. Fewer false positives with comprehensive
detection technologies.    

Wide Range of Integrations

Integrates with the Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. Support for user
behavior, third-party encryption and rights management

We are your cyber security partner and we stay awake so you can sleep at night. We work with industry leaders to provide the security your business relies on.


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